News Bulletin No: 266 – May 2017

Club News

The Classic Tour is coming along, with quite a bit of interest. We have a dedicated page on the website, The Charnwood Classic and a Facebook page as well. . We will need a few additional marshals on the day, Sunday September the 3rd , as well as the small Organising Team of Chris Faulkner, Charlie Francis & Iain Jones.

Congratulations to Chris Valentine and Mel Farmer who have announced their wedding later in the year, about time Chris…


Competition News

Colin Stephens & Kathy Sewart – Alan Healy Memorial Rally – Cadwell Park – April 9th


So the final round had arrived of the Motorsport News Circuit Championship for 2016/17 season and Team Lotusbits had arrived at the stunning picturesque venue of Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire.

With a couple of earlier rounds in the season which we either didn’t finish or didn’t even enter, Cathy and I came to Cadwell Park not really under any pressure but just to go and have some fun and see where we could end up.

As all ready mentioned the stunning picturesque venue of Cadwell Park with its hilly undulating track was only enhanced by the hot sunny weather and we set off from Service up to the Stage 1 start hoping we were on the right tyres for the conditions, it was warm but not as warm as it was going to get.

From the moment the lights went green the car felt good and I could tell Cathy was enjoying the car and the car suited the conditions, the grip was there and we could push on round the long sweeping corners and on the brakes a bit later into the chicanes. Being a nice day the public had turned up in there masses and at one point on the stage we leave the fast flowing track and enter a public viewing section of twisty low speed corners only just wider enough for one car to pass through, here also the car was changing direction as requested by Cathy, all was good, in fact very good we were 13th after the first stage.

Starting the second stage our first stage nervous had left us and we were ready to push on and see if we could gain on that 13th position, all was good for the first few corners, leaning on the tyres and pushing the car and using every inch of available track  out of corners, then as we entered the spectator twisty section we had marshal’s waving to us to slow down ,Unbeknown to us the car in front of us clipped a tyre going through a narrow gate way causing his front right wheel to point 90 degrees to his left front wheel and after trying to carry on up the stage found he couldn’t steer and ended up blocking the way, we arrived behind the car with nowhere to go. It’s strange how seconds lost can feel like minutes when the adrenaline is pumping and you are staring at the rear end of a escort, by now we should of been half around the stage.  We finally got free of the escort blockage and powered on around the stage to the finish but looking at times we had lost 20seconds and were now 22nd Overall.

We set about making the time back over the next couple of stages and with a change of tyres to a harder compound and a sneaky small suspension change that Cathy was unaware off (sorry Cathy) implemented by myself and our chief Mechanic Keith the car the car had less roll in the corners and more grip and by dinner we had moved up to 16th.

With a change of direction for the afternoon we know we’re heading the correct way around the circuit as if it was being used on a normal racing day’s event but this didn’t change anything in the style or commitment to Cathy’s driving if anything she was going quicker still chasing down cars and passing a few in the process, this was no Sunday afternoon driver here!

We had moved up to 15th with a couple of stages to go and to be honest we didn’t really know where we could go any much quicker, so the last two stage were drive it fast but don’t take any unnecessary risks which is just what we did and finished the day 15th Overall and 7th in our class on the day.


Thanks again to all the LotusBits team for all the work they have done over the year to get the cars ready so we can go and play at the weekends and has resulted in the team to be awarded various Driver and Co-driver prizes at the Motorsport News Circuit Championship Awards night in June, There may be a write up from this evening but it may be in the form of photos as I won’t be remembering much the day after…. Hic- Hic!


12 Cars

The final round of the Championship is the Cream Cat, postponed from earlier in the season ran on 12thApril with 10 Entries. Organised by J.A.M.C the winners were Bob Baker & Brian Cammack with Steve Croucher and Rob Granger coming in 4th. Chris Faulkner & Steve Brew were out marshalling. The full results are on the 12 car Page and the final Points Table is also there.

We are already looking forward to next season, so if you are interested in running an event, or helping on the CCC rounds, let Chris or Chris know.


Social Events

Chris’s Faulkner & Thorley were out on the MK Classic Tour on April 9th, in Chris’s Sierra, It took in the Alpine Circuit at Millbrook and the Porsche Experience at Silverstone.

Thanks to everyone who turned out to help and provide cars for the Donington Historic Festival Autotaster and Club Display. Together with Loughborough and Mid-Derbyshire we raised nearly £600 raised for Air Ambulance as well providing rides and helping to raise the profile of the Club.


Charlie Francis                                                       Rob Birtles                                                     Ben Heggs

Thanks also to Mike Fletcher, Iain Jones & Chris Faulkner

Summer Grass Autotests

The full details for the MMS Summer Series is on the MMS Page: hopefully we’ll have better weather this year and not loose so many rounds.

Loughborough’s calendar is also available from their website:



If you have any event dates to add to the calendar or event results/reports, please let us know.


Michael Fletcher                         Chris Faulkner
07983 998025                           0116 277 0563    


Mercian Road Rally 16th/17th September 2017  –


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