Who’s Who?

Committee Members

Ashley Woodward:  President

Paul Darch:  Chairman & Safeguarding Officer - chairman@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

Michael Hunter:  Club Secretary - secretary@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

Chris Thorley:  Competition Secretary - compsec@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

Charlie Francis:  Treasurer - treasurer@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

Charlie Francis:  Membership Secretary - memberships@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

Vacant:  Chief Marshal - marshal@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

Colin Stephens:  Committee Member

Abe Shenker:  Committee Member

To email the committee:  - committee@coalvillecarclub.org.uk

For enquires regarding the website: - webmaster@coalvillecarclub.org.uk